Data missing from this link

Hi everyone,

I can’t figure out how I somehow broke my app. I made a connection a long time ago (Link to Screen) and now it won’t connect properly.

I have a group to which I added an action to go to another screen.

Here the group/button “Droit Civil” should link to another screen that is called Quizz Civil which is a list of “Droit civil”

I made relations in the User Collection to the Droit Civil Collection and in the Droit civil collection to the users. It used to work (see a copy of the app below).

But it won’t work anymore.

This has one major consequence as I understand : when the user leaves the app and comes back again, if he clicks the button he will arrive to a blank screen. He has to log out and log in again to use the app which is definitely not appropriate.

I read this might be due to the use of the data from the same collection (Droit Civil) in 2 different lists on 2 different screen but is solved apparently by adding a nav bar (which I did)

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