Any idea about how to make the bottom navigation?

Hi colleagues! I am trying to make the bottom navigation at my app. If I connect screens directly some screens lose their DB (collections).

I made it with the range or countdown timers switching between the neighbouring pages. Timers delays are set in the User temporary parameters changed by navigation button.

Looks very funny like the pages are flipping one by one till stops at the end page.

Do you by any chance know the way to connect the navigation directly with the pages without spoiling the interfered screens DB access?


You mean some screens lose their “linked data” when connected to another screen? This happens often during app building. There is a reason why a “link” is broken & it is best you find the reason & fix it. Doing something like what you described only leads to more issues in the near term…maybe its already happening.

Losing linked data can happen for a variety of reasons. A simple one might be copying screens complete with linked buttons & leaving them alone as a “design” backup. This has happened to me more than once & to fix it, I trace the last point where the “linked data” exists & figure out what went wrong.

Thank you. I know the reasons and I know how to fix.

I am talking about the other phenomena: You cannot make a menu like in other frameworks which make calls to the central DB records and get response directly to the screen calling.

In Adalo the “collections” travel from screen to screen. It makes impossible the menus.

I found the way to make menus with timers on each screen which connect them consequently (see video) and putting the timers delay with the menu buttons. But it looks funny and unprofessional.

The question is: “Is there somebody in the Adalo comunity who use the general menu to call any functional screen on their Adalo app and how they bypass this Adalo limitation?”

The video of “funny menu switching”:

Would be really grateful for any advise of how to implement a “normal” menu. No Xano or RestAPI please.

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