Data not linked

Hello! I set an action to a button (link), which transmits the date to another page. “Missing data” appears on that page. does anyone know what it is?

Hi Barcoig,

I think the issue here is that you are passing the user’s profile data back and forth between two screens? That is likely the issue. The profile screen UI looks very nice btw!

If you haven’t already watched @pfordmedia’s video, I would watch it to help you.

Hei man…off topic…How did you make the gradient background buttons? It is a beautiful effect! I can only do uniform color!

Hi Mitico,

They look like custom buttons.

It is an image made in Photoshop, and the text was added from Adalo and adjusted for the image

It doesn’t even look like it was built in Adalo! You’re a great designer!

Thank you very much!

Very great designer….congrats

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