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i need your help for this beacause i don’t understand.

So, i have 3 tables/collections : Movies, Cinemas and Sessions
A movies can have multiple Cinemas and sessions, a Cinemas can have multiple movies and sessions, a Session can have multiple cinema and movies.

This is my home page :

I choose one movie : Tenet

And i’m going to the Movie Page :

and I want to see in which cinema I can see Tenet and the sessions.

So I create a list of cinema and I see them, cool. But I want to display the session in the blue rectangle. I tried creating a new list for sessions but it shows me all sessions for all cinema.

The only solution I found is to click on a cinema, create a new screen and then display the sessions with a list because otherwise I’m in Movie page and not in a cinema page so i don’t have
“current cinema > films > sessions”.

So, can I show the sessions next to each cine on my movie page?

Hope you understand me, sorry for my english and thank you!

Bonjour @Victoire29,

Do I understand you correctly, that blue rectangles on the screen are the lists of sessions (so you’re creating list inside the list)?
Did you try to enable filter for this session list (by current cinema)?

Also, another question: why did you decide to have many-to-many connections in Session? As I understand, Session is the time period where one can watch a film; so one session can have only one movie (but movie can have multiple sessions), and one session can belong only to one cinema (but cinema can have multiple sessions as well).

Cordialement, Victor

Hi @Victor,

Thank you for your awnser. Yes i created list inside the list. The first one for the cinema and the second for the sessions. But i can’t filter the sessions list with current cinema, only with current movie (because i’m on a movie page). So i don’t understant how can I show the sessions (ex : 9:00, 10:00…) next to the right cinema in this page. Is it possible ?

For the connections, sessions can have many movies because in a cinema we can have a session for Tenet at 9:00 and for another film at 9:00 too. So sessions can have multiple cinema and multiple films right ?



I think by Sessions he means Showtimes

Yes, exactly ! Sorry for my english !

Nonono. I’m sorry for getting 37% in grade 9 french class. :wink:

Hi @Victoire29

Apologies for late reply, didn’t have time to look at this earlier.
I’ve managed to create something which might help you. I did it with the list inside the list inside the list. Please see the video;

However, in my personal opinion, I would make “Sessions” unique, representing the exact Film Session (which has it start, finish, name of the hall, tickets qty, etc.). As for now these 3 DB Collections with many-to-many relationships between each other look a bit messy. But this is my personal taste :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much @Victor !
I solved my problem thanks to your video, thank you for taking the time! And thank you for your youtube channel, I love the content !

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