How to filter a list in your app

There is this very good Adalo tutorial on how to filter a list in your app > How to make a list your users can filter - YouTube

That works fine as long as Categories & Movies are related such that:
A Category can have multiple Movies & A Movie belongs to one Category

But how could I set this up when
A Movie can have multiple Categories & A Category can have multiple Movies?

In this latter case the option to set a Custom Filter on the list of ‘Current Movie > Categories> Name’ isn’t available

Hi @Nigelb,

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Add a filter Current Movie > Categories All > Contains > Other components>Selected Category ( Drop down Name).

Thank you

Thanks for the welcome… as you can probably see I’m going up a learning curve, lol.

Many thanks for the solution, that seems to do what I want. I’ll test a bit further when my internet connection is better!

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OK, just managed to test a little further…

The only issue I see is that with nothing selected in the drop-down (ie it says Select…) with the one to many relationship I see all movies in the list (as I’d want) but with the many to many relationship I see none.

What I’d really want is to see all movies showing if no selection is made, if that makes sense.


You can add another list and add a visibility condition for that list Other Components> Category( drop down name )> Name> is equal to> empty.

Like this.

Thank you


Thanks very much for taking the time to record that video. Very much appreciated.

All sorted now!

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Great and Your Welcome!

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