Database changes specific to a user, is this possible?

Hey all,

Totally new to Adalo and I’m just looking to see if this is even possible, I’ve struggled with it all day and I’ve gotten nowhere.

Basically, there’s a default deck of 102 cards that the user needs to decide are true or false. As they click through the deck, sorting cards into either true or false, those cards need to disappear from the default deck and appear in either the true or false deck (depending on which is chosen by the user) so by the end of the game, the user will have 0 cards left in the default deck, and say 52 cards in their True deck and 50 in their False deck.

This needs to happen without changing the default deck in a permanent way, so that a different user could log in and still see the 102 cards in the default deck, despite the fact that another user has already sorted through and moved their 102 cards out of the default deck.

I don’t even know if I’m thinking about this the right way, maybe the cards aren’t moving at all and are instead becoming visible / invisible in their respective decks.

To me this seems like really simple functionality so I’m sure i’m missing something crucial. Can anyone tell me if this idea is possible inside Adalo?