I lost all the data in my collection again

I had the same problem before, but now all the data in my collection is gone again.

Please Adalo team take immediate action to recover the data.


I had the same problem, too. Today is very important for my apps. I need recover all data.

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same proplem


Same problem! Eish!

Same happened to me, this is very concerning if I want to use adalo for my clients. Hope this is fixed fast and doesnt happen often

All my apps and all data gone.

Same with me, do we have some solution?

And I found out that, we even cannot make a new database. They are not even accepting new records

I think Adalo Server crashes? I am having Internal Server Error

I agree with you. We don’t have any solution now…

Does the Adalo team have anyone checking the system on weekends or late at night?

Me too… It’s terrible…

whilst not happy this has happened to you im glad im not the only one as i was freaking out a little.

Second time in just a few months this thing happens…This is not ok and not good for those who have apps/services reliant on Adalo.
I’m looking to launch an app but I’m really hesitant right now to use Adalo because this instability is just too worrying.

Data and apps are recovered now


Does the other makers except @ginger7525 ( because he has mentioned it’s recovering for him again :+1:) still experiencing this issue?

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