Databases are down

"September 18, 2022 at 7:19 AM

An auto update of our database instances is keeping them offline. The databases are restarting, but we expect them to be offline until all of the databases reboot."
If is a auto update, this isn’t Sheduled? Why no warning about it? This is a major outage.

Because i have a app for deliveries, and now i can acess my deliveries for today but my clients are expecting them.
And info about WHEN the reboot ends more or less?

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Hi all,

I understand that the timeframe of this update is not to your standards; please follow our status page for updates.

More information can be found here: Service Interruption — September 18, 2022 - #2

To answer your question directly: No, we were not aware of an update that was going to be made & do not have the ability to turn it off without direct intervention from AWS.

Thank you,


Still not working. What should i do with my clients? They are wanting their money back. Will Adalo pay them? You guys should have warned about this interruption. I’m really considering switching to bubble.


it’s not that you didn’t know, it’s that you don’t work well

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Hello Everybody,

Let’s keep this on a one topic so that we all can track that easily! : All data disappered

By the way this should be fixed now! : Service Interruption — September 18, 2022 - #9 by adalojosh

Thank you