Date/Time - Future Date/Time Only?

Currently, a user can pick a Date/Time that’s BEFORE the current time. If this happens (food delivery app) I’d like to show an error message using a modal to ensure their delivery date/time is in the future.

I’ve tried many ways to send the user to this error modal if the 'Selected Time/Date" is BEFORE the current date/time, but the action isn’t working. Has anyone been able to solve this?

Could you take a screenshot of it?

Hey @James_App_Maker. You’ll see the logic I’ve created on some of the actions, which sends User to various screens based on ‘PICKUP ORDER’ or ‘DELIVERY’, plus my attempt to show an error message based on DATE/TIME. Some screenshots below.


Your issue is in the third image. Where it says “is before” under this action will happen if, it needs to be before the current time

I’ve tried this, @James_App_Maker, but it not functioning correctly. I made a short video of the setup and outcome. Perhaps you have another suggestion? Thanks!!

Could you take a screenshot of when you are pressing on Current Fulfillment Detail > Requested…?

Hoping this what you’re looking for: