Deck swiper like tinder problam

I did the same it still same eror

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Use custom list as replacement, this is similar issue as the next thread.

I show an example picture of what it looks like, in front of image there are 2 transparent rectangles which act as buttons, Pass or Like, and put actions accordingly, this should work the same, but instead of swiping, this need to tap and then scroll, but it gets the job done.

Can you give me access for this app to check this? : ( click the gear icon on left > app access section > add this email )

I did it

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Check it again!

The same…

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i replace the deckswiper component by new one and now its not make the eror anymore but when the deck is end its link to the list but show only one user the same user every time

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Hey @Orelmor,

Just in case:

  • the solution with Many-to-Many relationships will start working very slowly after some relationships added;
  • what is worse, based on my experience Deck Swiper is very glitchy and unreliable.

This might have changed recently, but I had so many problems with it, so I gave up using it completely. You may try another one from Pragmaflow PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit, but this one is unofficial.


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For this you can try using Pragmaflow’s Deck Swiper like Victor mentioned!

I did it it’s works!
Thank you so much

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