Delays in the startup of app

Hi. Is it normal for the web app to take some time to load from the mobile phone Home Screen shortcut?
I am talking about 5 seconds on an Iphone 10.
I actually see 2 loading animations, one after the other. One black and then one blue.

Hi mr9,

Yes, it is normal right now. The performance will be fixed soon.

I see. And how do I translate this performance to any actual launched app? Is it comparable?

What do you mean? Could you explain more?

I meant, if the web preview loads slow, will my native app from the play store etc be also slow? Sorry if it’s a noob question.

Depends on what content you add in your app, basically many actions/many loads in the database will lag your app, but if you don’t have an overloaded database or actions then that good way to go!

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