Delete record at a specific time

Hi all,

I am a trying to set up a feature, where it is possible to set a expiration date for a database entry.

Eg. Admin can create a new entry in the database to post new information to the (webapp) users. But it might only be relevant for 3 weeks, afterwards it should be deleted automatically.

Can I use a custom action for this?

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Use NocodeHQ Countdown & change the type to date. Then use the countdown finish action.


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What an elegant and intuitive solution. Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Wammen,

Just for the record: you need to have an app instance to be open for the Coundown Timer to run. It is not running at the “backend server”, but on the client device. As a consequence there could be several countdown timers running, on several devices.


You’re right Victor.
I can’t seem to get It to work. I have made an entry to the database with expiration date. I have pasted the countdown clock into the list, and formatted it correctly. It just says invalid date format? And It do not delete the record at the given time…

Hmm is there any other workaround?

Hi @Wammen,

I’d suggest using Integromat for this kind of task. What is the size of your DB, by the way?

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor - not a very big DB - as og now only text input and I am using a native Adalo DB solution.

Probably need to dive further into integromat. Not sure how to do it yet - must investigate
Thanks Victor


You need to select no format date type & NocoderHQ Countdown always say Invalid date format (no matter) & if you want that, countdown always work then put it on loading screen (hide it) & set it to home screen so every time any user opens the app the countdown starts working & when it reached the mention date, it’ll trigger an action.


  • If you use countdown type as seconds it’ll always run from start everytime user opens the app.
  • But if you use date a type then it’ll always count right & show how many days/hours are left to trigger the action


Oh - thank you very much for clarifying that. Much appreciated @ishantanusrivastava

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Hi @ishantanusrivastava I want to embed The nocode countdown into a custom list. Så there will be one instance of the countdown component for each list input, will it still work?

Yes, I’m sure it’ll work

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