Delete User not deleting record

Hiya hope someone can shed some light here, in my app I’ve given Coaches the ability to add/delete players from their teams, but when I log in to test as a coach and delete a user, the user disappears from the list but the record in the DB remains. Any idea as to why?

Thx for any help.

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If you have used the delete user feature several times in different places, I would recommend setting the redelete feature on each page you use. don’t copy paste


Hi @tbel,

When you delete the user from the app, it should be deleted immediately. You can check this using Postman, for example.
The possible reason for user’s record available in the builder might be because builder caches the records. To check: when you completely reload the app builder’s page, do the deleted users remain?

Best regards, Victor.

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I think it is a cache issue because the numbers reflect the user count. But as @Applicationspeciali mentioned I did dupe the action from another, and yes I found that sometimes it’s best to recreate these types of actions from scratch, so I’ll try that as well.

Thx guys


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