Describe what you are building in 1 sentence

Clarity is vital if you are going to position yourself properly. I recommend reading the book “Building a Storybrand” by Donald Miller. In it he talks about passing the grunt test. He asks, “Could a caveman look at your website and immediately grunt what you offer?” If not, you are being too complex. He goes more into detail about crafting a one liner in his book “Marketing Made Simple”. He offers three steps to craft your one liner. Step 1: Identify the problem. This is your hook. You want to press into the pain of your users. Step 2: Give the solution to the problem you just stated. Step 3: Give the result. Clearly explain how your customer will feel and what they get after you solve their problem. And that’s it. Follow those steps and you’ll have the perfect one liner. So, describe what you are building in 1 sentence.


1: event organisers have to take quite a few steps over different platforms to organise, get people to participate and get a paying audience for their events.
2: we need 1 central place to get all of this organised and to allow to advertise as well.
3. The user will be able to get things organised, get participants and advertise to paying audiences.

We are building a community application that will allow for event organisers to organise events, get participants to perform and advertise to audiences, in a much easier way.


1: the existence of dystopia
2: empower people and provide assistance
3: allow people to shape the world around them

They will call me Legend for simple acts of altruism that take a few minutes out of my day that saves weeks.

“We are building a better world through passionate curiosity and altruism”


Sounds like some Elon Musk level stuff.

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  1. Users don’t see progress towards their fitness goals because they don’t have good program visibility.
  2. The solution is the ability to plan, progress, and tweak their workout program over months and years.
  3. User can now better stick to their program and make changes based on how they are progressing.

I’m building a workout tracker that will allow users to plan, progress, and tweak their workout program like a pro.


I might share some personality traits with Elon, but I hope the parallels end there. Elon wants to shape the world in his vision, I want to allow people to shape their world in their vision. I remember Bill Gates donated a massive amounts of mosquito nets to prevent malaria, the problem is that people needed fishing nets more so they used the mosquito nets (laced with chemicals) as fishing nets poisoning the food supply.

We provide raw materials like string and allow people to build what they want, and help them build what they want if needed.

I do not know how addresses work in Kuwait or Japan, except to say they are different than North America. So I try to provide tools to let people solve regional issues rather than imposing solutions on cultures I do not understand.

I hope that is the differentiator, but I could be wrong. If it turns out I am wrong, I will adapt.