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Hi, how can I make it so a numeric keypad instead of the standard keyboard opens for certain text inputs? I did select Type = Number but it just shows the numeric part of the standard keyboard with all the other characters on it when I test it on the preview and also the Home Screen app. Maybe it shows the proper numeric keypad on the real app?

Also, how can I increase the text size in a standalone button? I can find the “edit styles” bit to do this for a button in a form, but for a standalone button I can’t find “edit styles”.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


To your first point, I don’t think we can manually choose numeric keypad instead of text.

Second point - build your own button using a rectangle, place text on top, group them. This gives you the customization options you need. The button component is limited in terms of editing style.

You could also have an image you design yourself acting as a button.

Thank you for your reply but this is gonna be double the work making a separate rectangle and text field and grouping them every time… Is there really not an easier way? :confused:

Also, I really need a certain field to be numeric keypad only, this guy seems to have done it: IOS numeric keypad

Well remember once you’ve created the first one you can copy and paste it, and just change the text and actions on the group. It is quick once you’ve got the hang of it.

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