Need 3 different user types

I am building my App. I have a question. I am building and commodities app that sells food items.

  1. I need a merchant login (a bunch merchants using my App), who basically add/edit the food items.
  2. a customer login who buys the food items of various merchants in the App.
  3. An Administrator who can do everything in the App (precisely solving the needed things for the merchant and the customer). Any procedure that you can suggest using Adalo? Thanks in advance.

This could easily be accomplished with a true/false feature for each title. You might then accomplish this by three different buttons on the initial login screen. Which either lead to three separate home screens OR three separate groups with invisibility features on a single Home Screen.

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Great and Thanks for the response. I understood the solutions that you gave.
But how do I find what type of user he is, after login? and make the App perform the True/False against each feature?

So I have an app that therapists and clients use. During the onboarding process they differentiate whether they’re a therapist or client, which marks each as true, depending on what they are. So on the home page, I have two groups that are nearly identical but slightly different. If the logged in user is a client or regular user, one “screen” appears, if they’re a therapist, a separate “screen” appears. I say “screen” because it’s two large groups that have divisibility rules on the same actual screen. Do you understand what I’m saying? You might also do a landing page as your homescreen where different buttons appear and those buttons direct a user to their respective homescreen. It really depends on how you want it to look and flow.

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Okay this is great input. It has built me confidence that you are working on the App of similar kind that I need. Great information. I will start proceeding now and flag my user type accordingly while creating them. Thanks again

Hello, i have a 4 sided marketplace. Drivers , client, restaurants and admin.

The best way for performance and UX sake is build diferent apps that Share the same Database.

This way you must need to create diferent

Url or apps on the store.




This solution makes sense. The flexibility is more. Errors can be less. Good idea. Let me talk with my business team. Thank you

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This is a great alternative to invisibility and true / false features. Thanks for pointing out an answer that I missed!


It’s easier, but yours work as well.

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