Difficulty connecting Namecheap custom domain

I’m having difficulty connecting my custom domain. Can someone please tell me where I’m going wrong?



Hey @DrBee,

You can’t add a CNAME record for a “root” domain (thesageai.com). This is against the DNS standards; one exception I’m aware of is Cloudflare.

So you need to setup a separate subdomain for your app, e.g. app.thesageai.com - add a CNAME record for “app”.

This question has been discussed in a forum numerous times - if you do some search you’ll find problems and solutions.


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Thanks Victor.

It appears to have been sorted by using www as the host. I’ll provide some feedback directly to Adalo as the instructions are ambiguous. I suppose that’s why it has been asked numerous times before. I did search in the forum before posting although the instructions I found didn’t seem to work.

Once the payment to an upgraded plan has settled from pending, it looks like it will transfer as the test run was “successful”.

I really appreciate your response.

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