Onboarding, show only 1 time?

How can I manage to show a onboarding only one time BEFORE login or sign up. Is there a way to save in database that app is new installed and show the onboarding only if the user havent sign up yet?

You could add a True/False Property to your Users Collection called OnboardingPassed? Then after the user passes the onboarding you set the OnboardingPassed to True.

Then, when the user logins in you link to the home screen, sometimes if the logged in user Onboarding Passed is true. If false send to onboarding screen.

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ah ok and I set the user OnboardingPassed YES after he registered? Good idea, thank you.

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ok but how to enter the link to “HOME” if user OnboardingPassed is YES?

Create a new action with link to home if the logged in user onboarding is true.