Display fields without using a form

I want to display existing data but do not want to allow the user to edit it. I am doing this on a screen that is linked to a master list and wish to simply show additional details about the record. The master screen is properly passing the current record to the detail screen, but I cannot figure out how to display the data without using a form (as forms seem to permit the data to be altered).

I am certain this is a simple task, but I can’t see how to easily render all of the fields without using a Text box (which appears to permit editing). In addition I have many fields that are True/False in the database and I don’t see any way to show them.

What the heck am I missing?

Use the text component (not a text box) and use magic text to choose the information you want to display.

Something like this:

Thanks for the quick response, but it doesn’t appear that Text components will display True/False fields.

Sorry didnt know that was what you were looking to display.

It depends on what you are trying to display. For instance, if you want to have a field like:

Is paid: And you want this to show if something is paid for or not You can still use a text component and place two of them next to each other. One that says Yes and one that says No. And set their visibility to only show when the “is paid” field in your collection is true/false.

Hope that makes sense and at least gives you an idea of something you can do for your particular use case.

Thanks, but this approach feels awfully kludgy!
You can see the simple screen below on to which I am trying to render the fields. It is all fine EXCEPT that I can’t remove that pesky Update button!

In stead of the yes/no, you can still have all those fields as text boxes, but grab an “icon” button and make it a check mark and make that visible only when the property is true.

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