Dns for adalo domain not doing

domain is not going thru

Hi @picolpierre1,

According to DNS standards CNAME records aren’t supported for the root domains. This is not Adalo issue. For example, see the article here: CNAME Record - How it Works, Alternatives & Advanced Use Cases

In other words, you can’t create a CNAME record for caribbeanrent.app, but you can create a CNAME for www.caribbeanrent.app.
(just in case, to do this you need to put “www” into the “Name” field, and not to forget remove existing CNAME record for www, which is the third one in your screenshot.
And as I think you can set up redirection of caribbeanrent.app to www.caribbeanrent.app - GoDaddy should allow that.

There are some NameServers Providers like Cloudflare which use some workarounds to allow CNAME record pointing at root domains (see here for instance: https://blog.cloudflare.com/introducing-cname-flattening-rfc-compliant-cnames-at-a-domains-root).


Dear @picolpierre1,

Please have a look at GoDaddy’s documentation and error reference how to configure records in the domain.

You are trying to create wrong record and error message shows it to you.

You need to add “www” record inside your domain “caribbeanrent.app”. This record should have a type CNAME and it should have a value of hosting.adalo.com.

This will result in a final record
www.caribbeanrent.app CNAME hosting.adalo.com.

In your screenshot you are trying to add a record which will result in
www.caribbeanrent.app.caribbeanrent.app record being created.


Hello this is very confusing is there anyway you could upload a example screenshot for me to see how to do it

Sorry, I don’t work in GoDaddy and I don’t have any domains there, so I don’t have any screenshots to share.
You may contact their support directly - maybe they can help you in setting up your domain.

After you have the record in place, you can configure Adalo part. And just in case - publishing to custom domain in Adalo is available only on Pro and Business plans. If you’re using Free plan, this won’t work.


The CNAME of a domain does not include the domain.

In your example, www is the CNAME Name. You don’t put the entire domain.

Another example, wwww.google.com. The CNAME Name is www.

For the forum, forum.adalo.com, the CNAME Name is forum.

So how to set it up on adalo part? www.caribbeanrent.app?

Yes I know I am on a paid plan

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