/ not how to do? / not how to do?. hello everyone i am trying to publish a web version without a subdomain, how can i do that ? I managed to make / / but I want to make , is it possible and how?

and why can’t I open it in pc version?

Not a expert on this subject :slightly_smiling_face: and passing this to some makers that is genius on this subject! ( Actually they are not only genius on this subject only and they are genius with everything! :+1: )

@Victor , @Flawless , @charleshope , @axme

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I have also not been able to publish on the main domain in the past

Hi @TonyS

Did you follow Adalo’s guide?

Please, have a look at it. They guide you step by step on how to do it.

You can add a redirect to point the domain (without subdomain) to the www subdomain like this:

Yes, I saw it, it does not solve my problem. it’s all subdomain

how can i do it with google domain?

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On GoDaddy, this would be forwarding.

So basically, if someone goes to, you instruct your hosting to forward them to

Hey bro, it’s not on Godaddy, Tony said it’s on Google.

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I know. I was just saying how it would be on GoDaddy. I don’t know how to set up forwarding on Google Domains.

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looking for how to make it

i found it and it worked, amazing!!! you are awesome! i also want to install google analytics, do you know how i can do it?

Installing the Google Tag Manually
Below is the Google tag for this account. Copy and paste it into the code of each page of the site, right after the element. You can only add one Google tag per page.

thanks for the help

They are all pretty much the same. A redirect/forwarding is required to point a root domain to a www subdomain. :slight_smile:

:wink: Happy to help

I don’t believe it’s possible to integrate Google Analytics at this time. However, have you tried integrating Mixpanel to get the statistics for your app? Here’s Adalo’s documentation for it: Mixpanel - Adalo Resources

I’m studying, tell me how can I set up seo?

SEO isn’t possible in Adalo yet.

I had a meeting with @David last month and we discussed SEO for a few minutes. There is no estimated date when this feature will be available but he did tell me that it was an important aspect of the web app features that they are currently working on.

I’m advocating for this feature as my background before Adalo was website design and SEO. It’s vital.

bro now I see the error

Unable to access site The site unexpectedly dropped its connection.

Screenshot your DNS settings, maybe something simple just needs to be done.