Custom Domains - Able to connect "" but not ""

I purchased a domain on GoDaddy and was able to direct it to my Adalo app, by editing the CNAME-type on GoDaddy’s DNS management. Now, “” directs to my app.

However, when the search is just “” it doesn’t transfer to my app. I was told I need to edit the A-type record on GoDaddy, but requests an IP address.

Does anyone know how I can do it? Which DNS record I need to edit and with which values?

Thanks in advance.

You don’t need to add an A record.

Keep the setup you have for www.

What you are missing is domain forwarding, which is very easy to do with GoDaddy. You need to setup forwarding so that anyone going to, is forwarded to

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That seems to be working. Thanks a lot!

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