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Maybe someone here can help me with a deed and not a reproach, since I absolutely do not understand how a custom domain name is added to my application. Everything that I found in the manuals does not work, so I’ll explain what’s the matter: I bought a domain name and certificates from my provider. Now I try to enter this name in the field for entering a personal domain name, I click on the test and the inscription appears, which is visible in the image below. My provider sent me questions that I should ask Adalo, and I ask them:

  1. The CNAME record is for subdomains, not for the root domain. If we enter the value: * in “host”, will the website connect to the application correctly?
  2. Is it possible to connect the domain with the A record application to the appropriate IP?

    I thank you in advance for your help, I don’t understand much about this, for me it’s really a challenge, but I want to understand how it all works

The CNAME would be www

CNAME is what comes before the domain.

You can’t use your domain as the NAME for the CNAME.

Use www as the CNAME’s NAME, and point that to

Currently, is not pointing anywhere, as you can see here.

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t think I’ve understood much. Could you tell me what I need to put in the custom domain field in the photo? The domain name is

If you want the Adalo app to go directly to your domain, then you have to enter

Then, in your DNS settings, your www CNAME, you point it to

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OK, thanks, I’ll try

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Hello. I received a response from my provider, he sent me an image of what I need to enter in the appropriate fields. But the question is where can I enter this, since there are no such fields in Adalo itself. Everything is in Polish, but I think it’s understandable. Thanks in advance for your patience :slight_smile:

you dont put that information in on adalo, you put it in wherever you have your domain through in the dns settings.

Thanks, I seem to have figured everything out. I take this opportunity to ask you a question that I can’t get an answer anywhere, maybe you could help me with this: I have an application for finding friends on which I am working and on the search page for these same friends there are filters such as city and age . Everything is clear with the city, I installed a regular filter on it and everything works fine. But for age, I downloaded the multislider and now I don’t understand how to connect it to the “age” collection, because nothing is available for display in the slider settings, the photo shows what I’m talking about. Can you explain to me what’s the matter here? thanks in advance

9/10 you’ll have to use something other than that slider… I personally have never been able to use it for anything.

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