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Hello! I want to change the domain name for my application and am being asked to make a record in my DNS provider. To be honest, I do not quite understand what needs to be done here, I have no idea who my provider is. I am a novice user and would be very grateful for a more or less intelligible explanation of this task))

Go to your domain provider (i.e the service you bought your domain from), click Manage DNS and enter the record shown to you on Adalo. It might take some minutes or hours to propagate.

I have not bought anything yet, but only paid for the Adalo starter pack. I don’t know who my provider is, what it’s called and how I can access it. I use regular mobile internet, does this mean I have to contact my mobile operator? I understand that maybe I’m asking stupid questions, but as I said, I’m an age beginner and it’s just not easy for me to do this.

If you have not already purchased your domain, you must first purchase it from a domain registrar company. I recommend a company like Namecheap as you can purchase your domain and email services for a good price.

Then, follow the documentation here: Publishing to the Web - Adalo Resources

FYI, a quick search for “” shows that this domain has already been taken and is not available for purchase.

Thank you so much for your detailed answer, it’s all clear now!

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