Doubts about storage in third parties

Hello everyone.

The functionalities of my app are done. Before publishing it, being my first application, I need to correct some errors that arise and the most important thing: OPTIMIZE.

In addition to optimizing the least number of actions and collections possible, the forum recommends using third-party hosting for multimedia and data. I’m considering hosting the images and videos on AWS and the data on Airtable or google Sheets (whichever is more optimal).

I have been doing tests and I have found that the images take longer to load with the action “url” than with “Database”.

Does the AWS cloud media storage improve load times or is it just to not fill up the Adalo account database?

I have seen in tutorials that when a user uploads an image, to send it to the cloud, a link is created called https: // / …, from what I understand that they are hosted before in another server. Wouldn’t it be storing double?

Isn’t the registration of data in a third party going to slow down the action of a user when pressing a button for example being sent and received from a third party?

I understand that the answers may be obvious for those of you who have taken time, but I am still learning, and I do not know very well the advantages or disadvantages that third-party accommodation can give, performance or economic. In addition, that the accounts are paid, I have to be clear about it.

Thank you very much to the community for the help and sorry for being a long text.

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