Drop-down list - add action to result


I’ve put in a drop down menu on one page of an app.
The results the drop down is showing, don’t give me an option to add action?
Is this how it’s supposed to be?
In this case I don’t see the point of the drop down.
Would like it to ex. filter out markers on a map.

Hi @parksidecreator,

For regular dropdown there are no actions available - you can only select the element from the list.

You can have an action on another screen element, and use the info from the selected item in a dropdown.
For instance, if you have a list of Restaurants in the dropdown, and you select the restaurant, you can have a button which creates new Order, and take the name of the restaurant (and link the order) from the dropdown: in the magic text choose “Other components” in the flyout menu, then you’ll see your dropdown’s name, and there you will see the properties.

Same approach could be used to filtering map markers - you can add a filter for Multiple Markers’ collection, using the value selected in a dropdown.

Best regards, Victor.

What’s the use for the drop down? If you only can select, but without filtering items or any other action?

Hello @parksidecreator,

You can use the selected element from the dropdown in the other screen components.
Please see my explanation above. Also please see this video example how dropdown could be used: How to make a list your users can filter - Adalo Resources

Best regards, Victor.

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