Dropdown nested lists


I want to make a structure like following
lesson 1
lesson 2
lesson 1
lesson 2

Module and lesson will be both collection as they will come under “course”
I can add modules to the list but adding lessons with data linked is not possible. for that only option is to tap on the module and another screen lesson opens and after tapping on the lesson, lesson opens.
Cant I make a collapsable module tab with lesson inside, like faq on websites etc

Hi @karandex !
In a dropdown you can show only a collection, not more than one.

Like @alexbarciog said, you can only show the info from one collection per drop down, but what you can do is if someone picks Module 1 on the drop down, you can have another drop down under it that shows the lessons for that module.

I don’t want to use drop-down but make a drop-down effect with lists. so when clicking module it will hide unhide lessons like in Wordpress faq

Even if can’t achieve that showing modules and lessons is a real challenge. can’t I get lesson data without making another screen?

Here is WIP Coach 2

You should be able to make the wordpress faq with a visibility condition to only show if its equal to the name of the dropdown.

Thanks. I have seen that solution in some youtube videos. But I can’t get the data linked to the lesson in the same screen, I can show only module data, not from lesson data. Am i missing something. Please check the link posted in my previous reply. All structure is inside courses tab

The link you posted is just a share link. It doesnt allow anyone to view your databases which would be the only way to really determine the issue.

You would have to share a cloneable link.

@Bobby here it is Coach 2

Ok, try this.

Thanks!! That can work for now but I am hoping for something like this Tryit Editor v3.7

Hi @karandex ,

Adding to all the great answers given,

I made an example of cloneable here,

Screen Recording 2022-01-22 at 7.45.19 AM copy

Option 1 is using boolean, so whenever user came back to this screen they are shown last state of submenu open/close.

Option 2 is using last clicked time, so only 1 submenu is shown and if you update last clicked time before this screen, you can close all submenus.

Have fun. :smiley:

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@Yongki WOW this is the exact thing I was looking for.

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