Drunken English: Second App Finished

The second app I made using Adalo is – more or less – done, thanks to a lot of help from the forum, especially @dilon_perera . There will be tweaking.

It’s an educational game that I’m primarily aiming at university students in Korea, where drinking culture and student-centred study groups are important features of university life. I’m hoping to find some overlap there and provide students with a mechanism to gain fluency practice. Drunken English is more of a novelty item than anything else but have a look and see for yourself:

Any and all feedback will be appreciated.


My third of three initial apps is finally approved by Android. The first, very simple one, is still stuck in Android purgatory. They’ve all been approved for the Apple App Store for a couple weeks now.

This one is called Drunken :beer: English and it’s a drinking game designed to give students valuable fluency practice without the need for teacher support.

This is my first paid app. The price is set at the lowest tier, US99¢, but don’t buy it. If anyone wants to take a look at it, message me and I’ll send you a download code. Let me know which flavour you want too, Apple or Android. I’d appreciate feedback on any bugs as it’s hard for one person to test everything.

I’m hoping it will get some traction especially in Korea where university students drink an inordinate amount and in fact love drinking games. They also have a tendency to form self-study groups when cramming and tests like TOEIC Speaking and others are important for career or post grad work.

You can get it here:

Apple: https://apps.apple.com/ph/app/drunken-english/id1626380905
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.speekeezy.drunkenenglish&fbclid=IwAR1LkoCHaI4te_gM77U9eTyNmN-VOlS6SZTDeAUL8-UNLM0bOeJZBa4Q0hs

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Hi! Was it easy to get drinking game app approved by Google and Apple? I heard sometimes they don’t accept drinking game apps.

@roope257: Apple is much easier than Google Play for any app but there were no additional hurdles that I could see related to the content. I don’t know how closely apps are scrutinized but mine is for educational purposes, isn’t listed as a game per se and has plenty of warnings, advice and admonitions against overdoing it, in 9 key languages, so maybe that was a factor.

Though it’s supposed to be a paid app, somehow Android messed up and the app is apparently listed for free for the present. I’m a bit too busy to sort that out currently so now would be a good time to grab it and have a look if you have an android device.

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That makes sense, thanks for replying. :slight_smile: How did you create the ”add players” function? Is it just database with names.

That’s right but the list should be filtered for logged in user so others won’t see your additions and deletions.

I wouldn’t say easy but easier than using code. There are plenty of drawbacks as well.

Plus how much are you earning from your all three apps?

The first two are free apps; Drunken English and a 4th app that is being published now are paid but Android screwed up, making D/E free so I have to fix that when I have time. I also haven’t had any time to do promotion so it’s way early to be talking about monetization. Finally, I’m not really in it for the money. These apps will be useful for soft-peddling some analogue products.

…you can design a similar app for kids…

I wouldn’t but I think my soon to be published Truth or Dare for English Language Learners app would be a better model for kids. There’s only so much milk you can drink. :baby_bottle: