Third App Ready for Publication... I Think

I’m going to send my SpeakEasy App for one more iOS build before committing to the submission process. From my end it seems to be – finally – working correctly. Let me know if anything seems amiss. I had a lot of trouble with the sound signalling the end to countdown but hopefully it’s functioning correctly now.

Check it out here

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SpeakEasy is available on the App Store Now:

I ended up removing the single sound effect until Adalo has a more reliable way of playing sound.

Submission to Android is a dog’s breakfast. What a poorly thought out process that it. I may never get finished.

I set myself the task of getting one app published in the first 30 days of my Pro Plan. I managed to make it in 20 days [had lots of help through the forum] and have 2 more apps almost finished. I’d say Adalo lives up to its promise of a no-code framework that even noobs can use. There are lots of warts and bumps on this toad but it hops. I’m sold.

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Awesome Grover! Keep coming! Wish you the best of luck!

Looks good. Do you have an Android version available?

Sorry @animalmuppet, not yet. TBH I’m completely overwhelmed by the Android submission process, it really is a mess. Apple’s by comparison, is easy-breezy. I’ve got two in the pipe now at Android with no end in sight with what seems like a completely opaque process. Tomorrow I’m going to devote myself to Android alone.

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Ok, was wondering if you had an android version out yet. As a side note, I found the Android submission quite easy and have had more of a struggle with Apple.

Keep going as I’m sure the android users out there would like to try out your app.

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