Easier Organization

So I am new and I’m building my app one section at a time. Assuming one set of screens is “Estimates” and another is “Invoices”, I’m building them as separate apps and plan on combining all apps into a single app in the future to keep from overwhelmed by tons of screens…

I would love the ability to combine them all into a single app with the click of a button or a check list later. They already share a single database.

This is here because they won’t let me post in feature requests.

I think you will create more work for yourself doing that, as you will need to setup the DB and relationships each time etc. I would not recommend doing it that way.

For me, I like doing each section as a row from left to right, and a new row for each view/action type.


Estimates: Create view, Edit View, List View, Delete warning etc
Invoices: Create view, Edit view, List view etc etc
Inventory: View, Create, Update etc etc

I keep my admin/restricted views above the Login/Signup screens, and everything else below… that way I know where the “dangerous” stuff is that I need better filtering and checks on.

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That’s why I tried to add it as a feature request. What you have there looks incredibly overwhelming! My request would let you create each screen group (line in your case) individually as though you were creating a new app. You would then be able to merge them into a single app (or remove them) with a shared database using a checklist. The shared database would actually be the connecting factor that builds the checklist. This would also allow you to easily make improvements to existing screen groups by copying them, making the changes, and then switching them out seamlessly.