Spliting the app

Hi ,

I have developed mobile application with adalo… its almost completed… now i am planning to split the app by functionality with same database(like Uber user and Uber drivers)… is that best way to split the app to do the less workup on splitting the app.


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i guess there are 3 ways of doing it.

method 1
a) set a true/false property to the user to check if user signed up as a user or driver.
b) use a screen action to link to the screen that is relevant

method 2
a) create a copy of your app in the settings page and select the ‘share same database’

method 3
a) create a new app
b) under advanced options select “share database with an existing app”

i guess the amount of work you need will depend on how different the interface and functions are for each user type. but i am going to assume that method 3 would probably be the most amount of work :laughing:


Thank you… i will check it…


all the best malan. Welcome to the community! :smiley:

Hello, you can either copy the app or copy the screens that will have a common design between both apps. Concerning the same database, when you create the new app, you can activate the option to “Share the same database” with the first app.

Thank you!


I did the same… but i am loosing all links… can copy as just screen only… links and coding have to done again…is there any easy way…


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