Better than an Image Picker

I know some of you guys have been having trouble adapting the Image Picker to your use case, as have I.
Image Picker Opacity
How to empty Image Picker
Empty Image Picker

The Image Picker works well for a “Create Post” use case but not well for an “Edit Post” type of use case because instead of defaulting to the post’s existing image, it defaults to whatever image it was used to pick last, which can be very confusing.

Anyway today I tried replacing the Image Picker with a Form with just an Image field. This works a lot better because you can both see the existing image and click on it to change it. I think I’m going to replace Image Pickers with one-field Forms everywhere. I thought I’d post this in case it helps anyone else with the same problem.


nice, thx for the tips

@mephix thanks so much for submitting this workaround! Indeed I faced this problem yesterday when building my app, now I have a solution thanks to you!

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Hi @mephix , I am struggling here with these “image pickers” and I found your post … can you clarify your workaround ?
In my case I was designing a collection with both type of fields ( image and file ) to test the difference between and test … but creating the form to create and update a record was the first point I found this “ISSUE”.

  1. In your opinion both type of fields is not need ? ( is not for avatars or main-images is to save images or pdf’s of statements and proof of payments)
  2. Can you explain better how is the workaround suggested ?
  3. There is a way to see this file once uploaded ? like clicking and open in a modal or something like that …
    In advance thank you about any time invested in helping me, and also other users that reach this point.

hi @liba2 I don’t totally understand everything you are asking but to your (3), yes that is what I think is good about using an image-field Form instead of an Image Picker - when a user is editing their image, they can both see the existing image and click on it to change it.

@mephix thanks answering fast, Sorry if i wasn’t clear enough but i really not figuring out this workaround … the idea is not to use file-picker instead of image-picker ? and in database have only one field type(file) to handle images and files ?