Error type "Runtime Error" (in Make/Integromat --> Adalo module 'ADD A RECORD')


How could I fix in Make/Integromat (for Adalo module “ADD A RECORD”) the following error:

  • ERROR TYPE: RuntimeError
  • ERROR MESSAGE: [400] Request failed with status code 500

Here a screenshot:

Here the Make documentation for their type of errors. Unfortunately, “RuntimeError” is very broad/generic (says, “If any other error (not mentioned above) appears during scenario execution, it is reported as a RunTimeError.”). So, hard to tell why I’m getting this from Adalo. Note: all other Adalo modules I use in Make seem to process without issue. Trying to fix it, in Make I added a “Sleep” module (to give it more time to process), gave the timer 60 seconds, but getting the same error.

P.S.: in a July 2021 forum postthis same error in Make/Integromat (“RuntimeError [400] Request failed with status code 500”.) was reported by @Ash1 and @hoosier_nocode but never got addressed.

P.S.: @Victor or @michael.ionita you seem expert in the Make/Integromat Adalo modules, any help or input/suggestion is appreciated

Hi @sweetapp21,

Does this error happen always or sometimes?

If always - I’d suggest recreating this particular Adalo connection to the collection.

If sometimes - then you can add error handler and enable storing incomplete executions.

Best regards, Victor.

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