Error when updating user on click

Above is a link to a video of my issue

Hi Cooper,

It’s a little hard to understand what’s going on from this video alone. One thing I observed straight away is that you have collections for ‘added categories’ and ‘removed categories’. There might be a specific reason you did it this way, but I think this might be the wrong way to go about it.

Usually, you’d just have one collection for categories, and define added or removed by a relationship to the user.

Many to many relationship between users and categories. Make sure to rename the relationship to “added categories”.

I hope that’s helpful, I can’t give more specific advice or troubleshooting about the specific error ‘action cannot be completed’ as I’m not sure of your app setup.

I think the reason I did that was because I wanted to show a skill level for the added categories on the profile page and I couldn’t figure out another way to do that. do you have another solution for me?

it seems like I either cant show the skill level or I cant get it to remove the category from the users added categories

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