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Hi All,

While getting set to release some GeoCoding components to help with converting addresses to lat/long and the reverse we ran into an issue. It is no longer possible to install components from our marketplace. For this reason we are shutting it down and will stop releasing components to the public.


We had a good run.

Please do not message that you will pay for our components. That is not what we are about, and with the exchange of money comes obligations and support, so for $25 it is not worth it for me.

If this thread gets over 200 likes I might change my position and see how we can keep this going. We still have a lot of cool things we were planning on giving to you all to facilitate even better apps.

PragmaFlow Team


This is a real loss for Adalo, you can’t imagine how many person you made their idea real by just building these component, I speak for myself, but i think everyone here waited for your new releases and new videos. I think you deserve much better, and i don’t know what’s Adalo point of view, but this is a big loss for the Adalo community. At least you listened for what we wanted, and you made your impact in this community and I think this the most important thing, when Adalo rejected your geolocation you didn’t stop, you built your own marketplace just to HELP US, this what you are about.
I can’t thank you enough especially when your component made my app real. Thanks Guys.

Thank You.


After this message from Pragmaflow, i wish that someone from Adalo explain their plan and their vision, i can’t say more than if that team especially which did everything to help us has Stoped, and for me and i think anyone of us has built something very important in his app using their components, how this is going to continue? what are their plan? do we have to wait another year and half for every new component especially if what we asked had more that 800 votes?


Thank you for your commitment! Your components were the best! I guess I’ll be saying goodbye to Adalo soon. Components for a lot of money that do not work well even paragraph! You guys are great! Thank you thank you


Your work has been fantastic man. Amazing asset to us, and to me personally with your ever helping atittude, and I can say the same for @Mitch-Pragmaflow, both such accomodating fellas for more or less nothing in return (unless you’re selling our details for bitcoin :stuck_out_tongue: only joking!!). I hope that you guys can continue to find a way to be there for us No-Coders - you bring a shining light with everything you do. I hope you & Adalo can work it out.


This is unheard of. Who threw the spanners in the works! What a loss! Your components were the only reason I could stick with Adalo. Without your help, I would have had to look elsewhere right from the start. I really, really hope you and Adalo can work it out. I don’t know what happened or how come, but I really don’t like it. In any case. A BIG THANK YOU for what you did! These components, frankly should have been part of Adalo a long time ago. For example back in May, I asked them very kindly to give an approximate ETA on Geo Location and I was told around August. Its now December and only you were able to bring it to the table. I found you when I tried myself to put this together. It seems unreasonable that Adalo would cut you off. I am completely mind boggled to be fair. The speed with which you released this. Are you sure Adalo is not hiring you? That would certainly the best way forward for them.


Thanks you everyone.

Adalo has their roadmap for their product and we will be talking about where we can fit. At PragmaFlow we make money by charging large corporations large sums of money for our talents. They pay because we can build a GeoLocation component in a day and when distributing the component is a problem, we can build a custom marketplace in a day to solve that problem. The issue that happens is that puts our services out of reach for charities, non-profits, and start-ups who cannot afford $100,000 for our services, the people we care about most. So we take the profits from corporations and give back to the little guys. Adalo exists in the PragmaFlow world because we also realize the ridiculous pay gap between a Principal Software Engineer and a Store Clerk all because we know how to write var a = 1 so we started hiring clerks (not literal clerks, actually, some were) and putting them through our bootcamps and using Adalo to develop their acumen in software under the close eye of the Principal dev so that they can increase their quality of life, it has been going very well and some have graduated to building real coded apps and services.

Adalo will be coming out with a new, improved, and incentivized marketplace sometime in the future. You can track their progress here. Once it is up and running I might return (PragmaFlow will still be around as an expert for hire) but I do not know in what capacity at this point.


Hey everyone!

I want to jump in and clarify a few things before we get ahead of ourselves. This change was not made in any sort of punitive way. We are big fans of what PragmaFlow does for the no-code community, and specifically for our Adalo community here. We think there is a ton of value with what they are doing, and we love seeing the boundary-pushing work they come out with.

As mentioned, there is work being done to strengthen our marketplace and make it more of an all-inclusive service. This is to empower and support all 3rd-party developers as they create and distribute components for Makers.

To be honest, this was not a known outcome of some recent Marketplace groundwork releases that went out today. We are in touch with PragmaFlow to work through how we can move forward with Adalo’s Marketplace updates while still providing some of the amazing components that they have been building for the community.


The truth is that they are geniuses, good videos, good components, good answers and, above all, the good vibes to give a hand! It is a shame for those of us who are not experts in developing, that is precisely why we make the apps in Adalo, only that sometimes everything is very limited or you have to Buy third-party components to reach the goal (it would be good for Adalo to buy them and make available for paid plans), Adalo had a great investment but the truth is that my apps are VERY VERY slow and the components that we need the most we do not have, so I want to thank the components that they made that are VERY USEFUL


Yes! Please do not infer that I meant Adalo was punishing us. We are in contact and we want to continue our support for Adalo.

That is why I said it was no longer possible to install components from our marketplace which is why we were shutting it down. If it was punitive I would have said that.

The issue we have is double edge. First, things like our translator and geolocation works auto-magically which is outside of what we can put in the Adalo marketplace. So we cannot go that route to get it to you. The other edge is that with the changes implemented today breaks our site.

So we are in delivery limbo that I don’t think will be resolved quickly leading to the shut down. I didn’t want my staff to spend their days fielding emails saying “I installed your component but it does not show up”. We went through that once already (was my error that time).


I hope you guys come back soon! very sad to hear this. Thank you for everything! I love all the stuff you guys made! amazing!

thank you!!


The appearance of PragmaFlow’s Adalo Resource Center page was the best thing that happened to me as an Adalo user in the last 2 years.
It was the first time I began to believe that Adalo per se and extraordinary people like PragmaFlow could become the support I needed to deliver powerful applications and solutions.
I told myself that the appearance of such really powerful components with a real impact in an app will make Adalo have no competition.

And now I understand it’s over.

And I go back to the daily dilemma, in which I don’t know how to make applications more powerful, I don’t know how to load their content really fast and I start retesting any new application development tool, in the idea that maybe they are better.

In the last year I have bought components from all existing alternatives. But all the components bought together did not have as strong an impact as those from PragmaFlow …

I’m not trying to complain. I am a big (!) Adalo fan and I always try to understand the limits and the advantages of the nocode world.


What a loss for Adalo. The components of PragmaFlow where the ones I needed to turn my ideas in to reality.

Are the installed PragmaFlow components still working? Or is literally everything shut down.


I’d Just signed up to your Patreon to help with funding as well. You will be a big loss to the community


All the PragmaFlow components are available on GitHub. They just shutdown the installer, now, you have to manually install every component into your account using the terminal.



It’s very confusing how PragmaFlow can build a component like this in a day yet Adalo, which just secured $8M in funding, cannot even push regular updates at a minimum. We spent over 8 months building our app on Adalo and working around the lack of features, but when it came to deployment, the way the code executes is so inefficient that it makes the app unusable because it’s so slow. We scrapped/indefinitely paused the project at the beginning of 2021 and there have still been zero improvements to this issue since then.

I genuinely am pulling for Adalo. I love this idea of building an app with little/no-code but until some mission-critical issues get resolved, we can’t be an ongoing customer because we can’t deploy anything useful until these mission-critical issues get resolved.


Agreed, this is a big loss. Maybe Adalo could use some of their latest raise to acquire Pragmaflow!? :wink: I bet you we’d see a huge increase in (i.e. we’d actually see some) feature releases and support!


I hope Adalo maybe like kind of adopt Pragmaflow, because what Pragmaflow did in days, Adalo were not able to make it in years…


Wow, terrible loss for everyone, including Adalo. I hope there is a way to make this work.


A big loss for the Adalo community. PragmaFlow was releasing such exciting components and at such pace, opening up all the possibilities that smart phones give us, getting away from the feeling we are building rather normal database driven apps.
@adalo please work with these guys and bring their ideas into your new vision of marketplace.