Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end

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“i needed to clear my head so I built this.” Priceless. :joy:


Oh god :joy:


All the people who wait months for components seeing this: :open_mouth:


Ya this is amazing. How do we install it.

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In the one that I built, I used techniques that I am not allow to publish. It is outside of component rules to upload images into the image db. I went to go and fix what is broken in the marketplace component. I downloaded the original source and started looking into what would be wrong. I don’t see why this does not work. It seems to work fine for me.

You deleted the original post, can you explain the problem again? Is it that you cannot save the image as an image, but rather base64 encoded images? or is it that you cannot guarantee there is an image and you save blank stuff all the time because people save without actually signing?


Scroll to the bottom of this link.

As you can see from the picture the submit and clear button are missing mostly. It’s pretty hard to click them

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Oh, I see now. I went using my browser. Got it. I’ll fix that up tomorrow and send you a DM so we don’t spam the thread.


Ha, honestly I’ve been working on cracking fluid dynamics of cannabis (legal in Canada) though electo-megnetic vibration and industrial robotics. Component building in Adalo has become more Sudoku for me. It’s actually therepudic for me which is why I only choose certain components to build and don’t take requests.

I am fluent in building neural networks and have been toying with the idea of crowd sourcing people’s app and seeing which are “fast” and which are “slow” to see if I can build deep learning to figure out a predictor on app speed and root causes. I’d need at least 200 apps to do it. But I haven’t convinced myself that it is a problem I should solve…


Anyone with a tutorial on how to install github components to adalo?

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@Jeorge Follow these steps:

  1. Are you on a Windows computer? Install this:

If you’re on a Mac or Linux, continue reading

  1. Open a terminal on your computer and type in the following:
git clone https://github.com/pragmaflowinc/adalo-geolocation

You would replace the text after “git clone” with the URL component you want to clone. In this example, we’re using GitHub - pragmaflowinc/adalo-geolocation

  1. Then, you would cd into the folder
cd adalo-geolocation
  1. To make sure you don’t get any errors, open Visual Studio Code, open the adalo-geolocation component foder, then go into package.json and change the component name to whatever you want.

  2. Go back to the terminal and enter these commands:

npx adalo login

Login with your adalo email and password. You should see a “Login successful” message

npx adalo publish

Make sure to click on “private”

  1. Continue by following these instructions by Adalo:

You need to install git, visual studio code, and node v14 as well.

For certain components


How can i get the component? Is it ready? Im not a developer :frowning: I need it!

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Oh man that’s a shame, your components were exactly what I was looking for, @TKOTC! Is there any way I can still get the better deep linking component for my project?

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I open sourced the fixed version of the current signature, which I believe the only issue was with Safari web browser. It is here.

For the one in the video that updates the database, I cannot release it. At present maker components are what we call second-class citizens (not that they are terrible, deep linking and geolocation are top tier components). Adalo components are a mix of second-class and first-class citizens. When looking at the app page you can see Navigation, Lists, Buttons, Simple, and Forms & Fields. These are first-class components because they are baked into the system, they are not restricted to the component manifest and API. This is why things like the Form have an Edit Styles button that you cannot build at a component maker. Anything in the Installed or Private section of the app are called second-class citizens, whether Adalo makes it or someone else. Storing images in the database is for first-class citizens only and is off-limits to second-class citizens. Promoting maker components to first-class citizens will be very good for Adalo, but on the list of priorities it most certainly should not be near the top at this point.


Absolutly, the auto-magic installer is down, the components stay free and open for all. The deeplinking can be found here:

If nodejs is very unfamiliar to you, hire someone to install it. Many around the forum like Knight, James, Jimmy, etc… If you are familiar check the post from James above explaining how to setup and install.


Adalo must be rescue the pragmaflow work. Very sad

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To All, we brought our servers back online. Uninstalling does not work yet, but we will keep at it to support you all as best as we can. Happy Holidays.


Ohh greattt news…

Finally, Happy holidayss

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:tada: that’s great news!

Happy Holidays to you and your team!

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