Expose the ID in the collection for API usage

Hi all,
Been way for some time due to external reasons, now getting back to the Adalo horse again. As such been spending some time making an API.

This API will allow you to expose the ID of the record and store it in a number field.

Basically, you just need to create a number field in the collection you want and call it “ID”, then run my API and it will bulk update your collection with the ID of the record.

After that you will be able to use the Adalo API by calling properly the id of the record.


  • Bulk update of the ID of your collection
  • Expose the id record that will be able to use with ADALO API
  • No limit in the Adalo collection size or requests (No need for Integromat/Zapier)

If you are interested, just send me DM as I want to stress test the API for heavy volume usage, so need some users to test it. Thank you.