External databases

Can adalo and airtable work together?

In order to work with aritable, do I have to make it a paid version just by developing it?

What can I use for external databases other than airtable? Is there an external database that I can develop for free?

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You can connect your Airtable database with Adalo. But you need a Paid Plan in Adalo to connect External Databases.

Other than Airtable you can use Xano, Google Sheets. ( I think there’s more other than Airtable but these are the ones that I can remember )

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Even for databases other than aritable, if I use an external database, there is a charge, right?

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You need a Paid Plan in Adalo to use External Collections. If you are new to Adalo then Adalo offers a 14 days trial that you can test External Collections. And when you start using External Databases ( Airtable,Xano) starts with the free plan and If I’m correct when the limit reaches we need a paid plan there too.

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Can I use Airtable for free up to the limit?
Is the limit 50 lines?


You can use Airtable with the free plan.


Thank you for your reply.
I understand that adalo has to be paid when using an external database, regardless of restrictions.

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