Filtering data in a list

Hi everyone. I’m confused. Would apreciate your help.
I have two data collections. Users and notas.
A collumn named “conta” type number for both data collection.

So, i have this data inside notas:

And, this inside users:

Fields does not match.
I want to filter only matched fields in my notas list, as i’ve tried here:

Not working as i want. Do not filter.
Is there something i’m missing?
Someone could help me?

Hi @carlosfinezi,

In the screenshot there are no records that matching exactly for that user’s conta property value! And the list should be empty. If you update the record in the notas collection to 3705 which is the conta that the user has then you will see that nota because the filter is correct!

And also in your filter seems like you have added another property and not the conta property!

Do you want to show the records in the Notas collection but no need to exact match? Then you can use Contains instead is equal to!

Thank you

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