Finish the onboarding sequence before getting the Home Screen

I have a 7 steps onboarding sequence in my dating app.

(not done yet, just a draft :slight_smile: )

Like in other apps, I’d like that the users finish the onboarding sequence before getting to the Home Screen.

At the moment, if they complete the first step, i.e email/password and they close/open the app again, they get redirected to the Home Screen and they don’t see the other 6 steps.

Is there a way to set the Home Screen only if they see for example, in my case, the screen ‘‘Onboarding 7’’ ?


Maybe have the email/password screen be the last one? Would that solve it?

I thought about it but the actions for now are:

  • Screen onboarding 1 (email/password) : Sign up
  • Screen onboarding 2 to 7 : Update users info

In this case, I should fo:

  • Screen onboarding 1 to 6 : Create User and link components to user infos
  • Screen onboarding 7 (email/password) : Sign up

Is that right?

I see the issue. Yeah, that makes sense. You can set a screen to do certain things when someone visits it. If you click on the house icon (or the name of any screen), you will see an “Actions” drop down. Click on that and then you will see “When a user visits the screen…”. You can add actions to that such as ‘go to Onboarding 2 if logged in user’s name is empty.’ Then, do that for each onboarding screen. Does that make sense? If it does, give it a try and see if that solves the issue. If it doesn’t make sense. I will try a different approach to show what I am referring to.

Hi @francois.d @nodnarb1129,

I would suggest to introduce a field in Users collection, call it “Onboarding passed”. Then on a Home screen (one for Registered users), make a check on its entrance: if “Onboarding passed” is false, direct to the start of onboarding, else keep them there.

On the last screen of onboarding, when user presses the final button, set “Onboarding passed” to true.

This logic could be enhanced by adding “Onboarding step” field, and creating 7 rules where to direct the user. NB: I know it’s ugly, but that’s a different story; this could be modified by creating a dynamically-formed onboarding screen, but it seems like overengineering.

Using “Create user” and “sign up on last screen” approach may cause quite a bit of glitches and unexpected behaviour, from my experience.
For example, what should happen if user closes the app in the middle of onboarding, and then restarts it? He/she will get to the 1st screen? What will happen with already-created user record? Etc.

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