Flexible custom filtering to show specific data

Yes, it’ll take longer with more users that are “matched” since it’s creating a record for each match and then running 2 update actions.

I discussed with @David earlier today about this specific situation in the loom video. You’ll see the same thing happened to me there where the error “action cannot be completed” was displayed, yet it all still worked there.

I also showed him another weird issue that was there. Do you see the list of countdown timers that has the actual count (with a text component)? Well, what’s really really weird there is that if the text component is not in that list with the countdown, the matches’ scores all get set to 0. I have no idea why this is, but the text component is required in that countdown in order for the score to properly calculate.

I believe this is a separate issue. Double-check your sign-up actions and make sure you don’t have 2 of them or any on-screen actions when the screen loads. Ensure that you’re using unique emails when signing up a user as well.

Is there a way to reduce the time duration for the countdown timer?

On my app it seems the timer just breaks and when the pop up message “Action cannot be completed” appears. It was working before now. I don’t know what could be wrong.

The best way that I can think of would be to execute the actions behind the scenes using a tool like Integromat/Make. This wouldn’t be free and will definitely be a little more complex to get working perfectly but it could be the answer.

Here’s a video that explains a little bit how integromat works with Adalo Using Webhooks in Adalo (with Integromat) - YouTube

The idea here is that once the user completes the interests deck swiper, you’ll want to send them to a webview/webhook screen that tells integromat to start the action. You’ll add an API call to the Adalo user collection and use the iterator to filter out the users that have the same interests. Then create the matches in integromat.

During this process, you’ll want to add a message to the home screen that says “Finding matches, check back soon” or something while the records are being created. You’d use the same filter as the countdown timer where logged-in user matches count is equal to logged in user > interests > users count.

Unfortunately, this is quite time-consuming to make a tutorial for and I don’t have time this week to work on videos.

@Flawless, How do I go about dividing the users into different groups of say 6 users each in the database so that the timer can be limited to search only a group at a time?

So after the user is done swiping, with a click of a button they can choose a group in which the timer would do the search.

Alternatively, the timer could do it’s search choosing any group randomly.

I trust you can help me with a guide on this. Thanks plenty.

What you could do is set the maximum number of items on the match making screen to the number of matches you want to create (like 6 for example). Since it’s sorted by count, this would give the appearance of the “Top 6 matched users” kinda thing.

I’m not quite sure what you meant by this. In case you are unaware, I do not work for Adalo so all the work I do here in the forum is pro bono.

I fully understand and I appreciate your great help.

I already set the maximum number of items to 3. Again The issue of the “user email already exists” and “action cannot be completed” was solved by deleting all the recent new signups in the database. things started working again. Could this issues be caused by the increase in the number of users in the database?

I doubt it. I think things were a little buggy over the weekend overall, as I had mentioned in a previous reply with several issues. Things are smooth for me today.

Hi @flawless the countdown timer for match count is suddenly failing to work.

It’s stuck on zero and can’t proceed to the countdown timer that links to the matches

I opened the cloned app you first setup and it’s having the same issue.

Do you know what the problem could be?