Food Delivery Aggregator Platform

I am working on a “Food Delivery Aggregator Platform” which is splitted into multiple apps (web and mobile) as the following

1- Customer app - 90% ready - attached some screenshots
2- Restaurant Dashboard (web) - 90% ready - attached 1 screenshot
3- Restaurant POS app - not started
4- DeliveryMan app - not started
5- Customer Service (web) - 75% ready
6- Admin (web) - 80% ready

I have successfully implemented most of the expected features from such a platform, like notifications, maps, alerts, 3rd party payment and so on

Still have some challenges:
1- General Performance, since I am located in Middle East, performance is quite poor due to latency, we really need Adalo to support multilocation servers even if it is not dynamic, the option to choose a close servers will be a huge game changer, I have done a massive amount workarounds and keeping the work on “Client Side” to improve the user experience but on certain situations there is nothing that I can do.

2- Android app performance, not quite sure about this, but I have noticed that the app is running much slower on Android compared to Iphone

3- Multiple languages, currently the app is in Arabic, once I am done I need to make an English version, which means creating a replication of all app screens, changing all static labels and changing alignment to LTR instead of RTL, this is a huge work specially that I have to maintain changes on 2 versions going forward, if there is a better solution I will be so glad

Customer App


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I currently also work a platform like you.

Do you use an airtable database?

Hello Andreas,
No I am not, right now only Adalo’s collections

Are you facing any challenges?

But if there are more items, Adalo may slow down.

Yes, but from what I got from other people that in my case moving to another DB might not improve the performance since all requests has to go through Adalo’s servers which is getting me back to the original problem with latency, so it is not worth the effort.

until now based on my app data structure, having few thousands records is performing exactly the same compared to having zero records

2- Android app performance, not quite sure about this, but I have noticed that the app is running much slower on Android compared to Iphone.

I confirm that Android is slowing down.

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We are currently trying to connect Airtable.

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Thanks a lot, yes too many things to do yet
Actually no I still dont know why it is slower on android, but my guess is that Adalo app in general is heavy due to the nature of how no-code apps works, a lot of things are happening in the background, not like building an app from scratch where the code is straight forward, so the the issue is more noticed on Android specially on older phones because Android OS is allowing many things to run from different apps which is consuming the phone’s processing power, IOS is more strict, so you feel like the current running app on IOS is taking enough processing power which is covering the heavy app usage
I noticed some other flaws in rendering Adalo app on Android, like the shadow, it is not showing!

I made a food order section in the site Cake Walk Indian Restaurant And Bakery using kotlin language and the UI/UX shows good response.