Form filtering confusion

Hello, I have a form where I am trying to make a service request.
Each service request has an item that fits into a subscription for such service.
An item can have a reocurring need for service and therefore multiple service requests.

Additionally an item can have multiple subscriptions for variouse services.

Each Subscription has an owner that owns an item and some of these may have service subscriptions while others may not. Service requests can should not be available for items that do not have service subscriptions.

I would like to make a form that can give me a list of which items an owner has that have a subscription.
Then a second dropdown to choose the subscriptions relevant only to that item.

Currently I have 4 collections with the following structure:

  • Items, with one owner who can have many items, An item can have many subscriptions but a subscription belongs to one item, An item can have multiple service requests but a service request belongs specifically to an item.

  • Users, who own items only one user per item, users who have subscriptions only one user per subscription, a User can have many service requests but each request belongs to a user.

  • subscriptions, belong to a item and although an item can have several subscriptions each subscription is item specific, A subscription has na owner but and owner can have several subscriptions, A subscription can have several service requests but a service request can only have one subscription.

  • service requests relate to one item, one subscription and one user.

Somehow I am not able to make the fitrst dropdown for items automatically determine what can be seen in the second dropdown for subscriptions. Can anyone point me toward enlightenment?

Best ergards,

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