Selecting Locations to insert into a (many) relationship field

I’m trying the following:

  • I am creating an app where users can sign up and create multiple locations of their restaurants
  • They can also add their menus and assign each ‘item’ on the menu to a restaurant
  • Most menus are 80% the same but have some variation (ie: items specific to certain locations).
  • When adding a new item I’d like it so the user can select which locations this item is available at. Preferably through a dropdown box or a list (i’m not fussed at this point).
  • For some odd reason I cannot figure this out. I can do it via a dropdown for an item at a single location but not for many.

Please find a video attached.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi @djaenicke,

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For selecting multiple things you have two options as far as I’m aware!

  1. You can use the Multi-select Component. But in this component the values that user chose are not shown if that user go back and come back again to that screen where the component located.

  2. You can use a list with a toggle! Check this video : Multi Select.mp4 - Google Drive

But in your case you need to create the item before you are coming to the add/edit screen. And then you can update that created item with the button. You can add that create action on the add/edit menu button. If you can’t figure out I will make a video!

Hope this helps!

Thank you

Hi @djaenicke ,

I made an example of cloneable app here,

you can click clone button at below right corner.

This is not the right way to design database, but if it is a mean for starting then you can use it.

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