Send a phone text message within my App

I have a contact list on my app. Each phone number has a phone Icon on the right for the app users to click and call the person. I set that up using a Action and tel:. Now I need to do the same thing but to be able to send a text message. Any advice? Is there a easy way to do it? or do I have to use a API call or a external compunent? Thanks

Please test sms: I think it’s this way I used in the past

Thank you so much for your help. I was close to the solution, but you help me realice I was testing the App with my computer instead of using it with my phone. However, even though is working now, when I click the Icon on the App, the App creates a message “group” with a group of four made out of parts of 3 digits from the phone number per message. When I go to the group details it shows 828, 345, 255, 3. If you put together all of the separated groups together, the phone number is right but, because is separated by commas, my phone thinks is a group. I check that the number format on the App screen is set to “None” to be sure it is not formatted with commas, but, it keep doing the same thing… :frowning: Any suggestions on this? Thanks you so much, again!

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Ok, I fixed the number problem. Thanks.

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No worries!

Thanks devrimdmk for your promt response. I’m just starting with Adalo, which I think is the best plataform I’ve been using so far and I’m not changing, I’m staying with Adalo. It’s so easy to work with, is intuitive… I hope they’ll make impruvements on the native database, like taking that default Name property when creating a new colection. The names are also a little confusing, like Colection to refer a table and Property for a field. Also, I have a lot of space on my screen to see more table fields, but have to scroll the buttom bar to see more. Oh, and the number formatting, for example Phone number format. But I’ll wait. Most likely that’s on the way.

Also wanna share a wird message on my phone when I send a text message from the App. It’s a message saying that can’t replay to that message because the format is for international messaging only. I’ll keep trying to find what is wrong. I’m trying to mix the phone number field with some text, so that the user just have to click the button and the message will show on the message box ready to be sended.

Hello! How can i concatenate a message made up of text and properties from a collection into one text message. For example, I’ve tried the following:
sms: (phone number property)+You are low on this type of paint+(paint type property)
But, I get an error message: Aperantly, the text message system in my phone mixes the phone number with the text and the other fields and think is a wrong string or phone number. Any idea what might be going on? Thank you so much. Please let me know if you need more details.

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