Forms function help

Can someone please help - how can we get our forms to display onto the home screen once they have been filled out?

Our steps have been:

  • Action button on the home screen links to a new form page
  • The form page is linked back to the home page
  • We are able to click the action button and fill out a form but where does it go?

We want the title of our form to show on the home screen after it has been filled out. We then want to click on these form titles and be taken to the corresponding form.

Or should we just be using lists?

Hello, Is the form updating logged in user’s info or creating a new record in a particular database collection? If it’s updating logged in user info, you can just use magic text in order to display the new updated information in the home screen. If it’s creating a new record, you need to create a list of the collection which contains these records in order to display the new record that you’ve created.

Thank you!

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