How to display form input on home screen

I have a home screen with a button called “add information”, when button is clicked the user goes to another screen where they will input information into a form and click submit. I want to then change the text of the button on the home page to “Change information” and also display the info that was inputed by the user,

Can this be achived in Adalo?

Absolutely. But your thought process is wrong. I’ll let you think about it a bit more.

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Uploaded a sceenshot for reference, my app also need to show records from another database related to the info inputed in the form in the "netowork incedents and “planed maintenance” screens :grin:

looks like ill have to dupicate the home screen to have different text to show if it cant change dynamically

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Where is this button in the the screenshot which you sent below?

Is it possible to explain this better with some more info? ( screenshots, a video )

Thank you

Checkout library which let’s you style any for forms into google like material design with no css overheads on you. For quick prototyping, this is very helpful. Here’s a sample

I need to display the info the user inputed in the form on the home screen. it must only be the info the user inputed. I cant use login function to keep track of users, How do I achieve this?

After looking at your app,

  1. First the user should see the welcome screen.

  2. Then after clicking on the Start button user goes to the Add Your Area screen and fill out the form.

  3. Then lastly after user fills the form and click on the CREATE USER SETTING the user arrives to the Home screen and see that info which he/she added in the form.


Built a app too, to see I’m correct? : Display Form Input

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