Sendgrid sending multiple emails


I need some help with Sendgrid’s API emails.

I’ve set up a custom action where a selected user can be sent an email which is triggered by clicking a button. The problem is users receive 3 duplicates of the same email. I tried updating the subject line and the same problem is happening where the duplicated emails are still being sent and now the separate email is being sent individually. Anyone know a way to get rid of the duplicated emails?

Here’s screenshots of my custom action and JSON,

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Hi @paige.scholes,

Is it possible to show this behavior from a video?

Thank you

This triple email behaviour was reported by another user after recent updates were rolled out. I can’t find the thread.

Worth submitting a ticket and trying to find that thread.


Oh thanks @Rozza for that information! I guess this one? : Latest Performance Updates - #38 by paulh ( just found this :sweat_smile: )

Just thinking that if you delete this custom action and create a new one as same will make a update or after publishing a new build?

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@dilon_perera nice work searching it out. Strange it was resolved itself in the first case, but equally strange it has happened to a second user since.

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@dilon_perera @Rozza

Thank you both,

I seem to have figured it out by designating one button to send the email via the custom action. Not really sure why the other button would send multiple.

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