Fully functional Web Version of Your App

What’s the best way to create a fully functional (mirrored) Web Version of your App. For instance, the way you can login to Facebook on a computer with same functions etc as well as on your mobile unit? I know there is the PWA but it’s not the same feeling when you use it on a computer. Any ideas?

You can create a web version of your app and have users visit your website to use it.

Yes, but does that mean starting from scratch and building the App?

Yes, but you can copy/paste a lot of the screens. When creating the app you can also share the database between the two apps.

Ok, I will give it a shot. I wonder if there’s a video guide for this.

I’m sure there is.

how do you copy a screen from one app into another?

@solomon select that screen and click Ctrl+C ( Cmd+C in mac ) and go to the other app and then click Ctrl+V ( Cmd+V in mac).

You can check the Docs too! : How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts - Adalo Resources

That’s what I thought but it was working for me. I’ll try it again. Thanks for feedback.

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You’ll need to relink screens and magic texts. That’s the only downfall.

Is it safe to do this?
what about the responsiveness of the screens when the users uses the website from their phones?

Dont know if “safe” is the right question, but yes responsiveness is potentially an issue, but I believe his exact use case is he wants a “website” version of his app, so this would accomplish that.

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Few months ago I was reading here in the Forums about something like we can edit from the page Inspections and html, would someone be able to harm the app or the website through this method?
that’swhat I mean

Thanks, how do you re-dimension the mobile page to fit a whole web screen? I also noticed that the there’s still a nav bar meant for the bottom but typically for a webpage you want navigation to be left or at the top. I really wish there were like example projects that Adalo team has done to as showcases for us. A fully mobile App, converted to Web version so we can follow. I’m not sure what the responsiveness etc will be. Anyways, I’ll try it out and let you guys know.

In the meantime, I welcome any tips and ideas

Good question but I think those edits are always Client side and not Server side, which means it will not affect the actual layout on your side. Only the client/user who has made those edits on their own computers will see it the way they have changed it to be.

NoCode Monkey’s Device Detector component. Create different screens for different device sizes. Link to the specified screen based on the user’s browser dimensions.

For example, you COULD potentially have 4 separate screens based on the dimensions provided in the component. So for a home screen, you’d have 4 screens:

Home Desktop, Home Tablet, Home Landscape Mobile, Home Portrait Mobile

This makes the website appear to be responsive, by directing them to the screen for their device.

However, 1 thing to keep in mind here is that if a user is browsing on a computer and makes the window smaller, it will not be “responsive” in that manner. A refresh or screen change would be required as the component acts like an “on-screen action” and does not continuously check for the device size.

They wouldn’t be able to necessarily “harm” the app, but this is something that @Mitch-Pragmaflow was discussing here in the Pricing thread.

Great tips. thanks. I’ll Explore those.

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