Gradient area paid component (market place)

Heads UP!

I purchased the Graduate Area component from the marketplace and it has caused the two apps in which I have implemented it to crash. I have emailed the developer without response. Needless to say I will not be using it any more!

What is really confusing me, is how can, what appear to be untested components, be available to us in the marketplace?

Hey Roger,

Best thing to do is to submit a support ticket.

Most of the time if a component doesn’t work they’ll de list it from the marketplace.

I understand your frustration. It’s concerning when purchased components lead to app crashes, and the lack of developer response only adds to the problem. The availability of seemingly untested components in the marketplace points to a need for stricter quality control and review processes to ensure the reliability and safety of products offered to users. Your feedback highlights the importance of improving the marketplace’s vetting procedures to maintain user trust and satisfaction. If you are racing enthusiast click here for fun!